Product/Material Description

This is a listing of our standard soil mixes and materials.  Special blends can be made by request if there is not one matching the needs of a particular project.


Prices listed are for pick up only, delivery additional

Due to vendor cost increase, prices are subject to change without notice

Lightening Mix is a combination of granite and composted materials that maintains evenly distributed moisture and drainage.  It is a good soil blend for xeriscapes and succulents such as cactus and agave.

$45.00/cubic yard + tax




Pro Mix is our signature garden soil developed by Dad over a 3 year period in his own garden and flower beds.  It is a good perennial bed mix and it is also a great vegetable garden blend.  Pro Mix contains 50% composted materials, pecan shell mulch, fish emulsion, pond sand and granite.  This is a loam free material.

$45.00/cubic yard + tax


Lawn Dressing (not pictured) Combination of 70% compost and 30% pond sand.  It is used to top dress a lawn, to build up your turf or as a soil amendment.  Apply at a rate of one quarter to one half inch across the top of the grass once to twice yearly.

$40.00/cubic yard + tax


Grower’s Mix is an annual bedding mix that is 40% compost.  We commonly refer to this as a Universal Mix because it can be more cost effective to bring in this one soil if your project is a combination of needs such as grass soil and bedding soil.  It is great for native area plants and flower gardens.  It is composed of chocolate loam, composted materials, fish emulsion and pond sand.

$35.00/cubic yard + tax


Landscape Mix is an enriched topsoil ideal for grass, trees and shrubs.  It is a mixture of 25% Dillo Dirt compost, fish emulsion and chocolate loam .  The City of Austin highly recommends using this type of mixture when seeding or laying grass because it will save an estimated 30%+ on water.

$28.00/cubic yard + tax



Fish emulsion is a bulk material that we utilize in many of our soil blends to improve water retention.  It is a delayed reaction compost source that will activate within 6-8 months depending on weather and water conditions, an added bonus!


Fine Grind Hardwood Mulch or landscaping mulch is a rich dark brown color.  It is a great bedding mulch that will help conserve water and condition the soil.

$33.00/cubic yard + tax




Pecan Shell Mulch is crushed aged and partially composted pecan shells.  It is a wonderful mulch that will not float or blow away and it can also be used as a bedding amendment.  It is dark brown to red in color and is an organic alternative to the popular red dyed mulch.

$35.00/cubic yard + tax



 It is important to water well, at least 1 to 3 times, after applying compost on of top grass or to any vegetation

Cotton Burr Compost is made from the leftover plant material after the cotton is harvested, mixed with fine pine shavings and screened at 1″.  It is a good amendment for existing gardens or as a lawn dressing.

$55.00/cubic yard + tax



Horse Manure Compost (not pictured) is a compost mixture of processed horse manure and fine grind hardwood mulch.  It is a good amendment for existing gardens or as a lawn dressing.

$45.00/cubic yard + tax

Texas Organic Compost (not pictured)  Fine screened and aged composted recycled forest products with enriched soil and composted matter.

$45.oo/cubic yard + tax

Dillo Dirt compost.  It is a good amendment for existing gardens or as a lawn dressing.  1 cubic yard will cover approximately 1000 square feet applied at the rate of one quarter inch.

$35.00/cubic yard + tax



Decomposed Granite which is burnt orange to pink in color and is commonly used for pathways (Town Lake Hike and Bike trail).  We keep 1/2″ minus in stock but additional sizes are available by request and may be an additional charge per cubic yard.

$38.00/cubic yard




Loam (fill dirt) Loam soils generally contain more humus (inorganic metabolic medium) than sandy soils and are easier to till than clay soils.  Loam is considered ideal base for gardening and agricultural uses because once mixed with compost it retains nutrients and water while still allowing excess water to drain away.

$20.00/cubic yard



Coarse Fill Sand A coarse sand used in a wide variety of applications from cement to soil blends to improve drainage, ideal for use as a filler under concrete, pavers, and other landscaping projects.

$35.00/cubic yard



Pond Sand  (not pictured) Fine sand commonly used for back fill leveling for soft sided pools and as well as amendment to soil blends to assist with water retention.  Not recommended for masonry work

$25.00/cubic yard + tax

Masonry Sand  (not pictured) Fine washed sand commonly used in mortar or mason work.

$45.00/cubic yard

Colorado River Gravel (1″ minus, 1 x 2″ to 1 x3″ and bull rock) Mined locally along the Colorado river valley.  Mostly cream and brown coloration sprinkled with black, orange, purple and pink.  It is the most frequently used gravel around the Austin area.

$48.00/cubic yard

                                                   Pea Gravel

                                                   $48.00/cubic yard

Limestone Cave (Landscaping) Boulders ranging from 6″ to 36″ in size.  Great native visual amendment to xeriscape or landscaped beds.

Price determined by size

3/4 to dust base  a more finely screened base material that works well as a base foundation for concrete work, path way base or any other project that requires a more smooth surface.

$25.00/cubic yard + tax

Screened Base 1 3/4″ limestone base.

$30.00/cubic yard + tax